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Installing a Swapfile (standard)

boot into textmode with "2 noswap"
After this, type the following into a console (in this example we have free space on hda5?)
# mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/hda5
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/hda5/knoppix.swp bs=1M count=256
# mkswap /mnt/hda5/knoppix.swp
# swapon /mnt/hda5/knoppix.swp
You only have to do this once, after that existing swapfiles will be detected automatically.

Re-use existing (Windows) Swapfiles

Some of you might use a permanent swapfile in Windows (win386?.swp). This can be easily used as a swapsfile for any kind of knoppix-derivates. Why waste space unnecessarily? Windows will work fine after the next reboot.

You can achieve this in a terminal session perhaps when the xsession has exited because of not enough RAM (e.g., 64MB), then restart it.

# mount /dev/hda1
# mkswap /mnt/hda1/win386.swp
# echo >>/etc/fstab "#add new swapfiles"
# echo >>/etc/fstab "/mnt/hda1/win386.swp swap swap noauto 0 0"
# swapon -a   

Check swaps

To check if there is any or enough swapspace you can do the following:
# cat /proc/swaps

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