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Installing Kanotix on a HP Compaq nc8000? Laptop

My goal is to document here my KANOTIX installation on a HP Compaq nc8000?.

Basic installation

The installation of KANOTIX BugHunter (version 3 here) went through smoothly without any problems.

Here's how to start:

The first step is to start the Live CD.

In the boot menu (*insert picture*) I edited the line kanotix dma=on acpi=on alsa=on and added the additional parameter screen=1400x1050.

With the additional parameter screen=1400x1050, the Live CD x-server is started with the screen resolution of my nc8000?-Laptops (1400x1050 pixel).

This standard resolution will also be assumed on the HD installation.

In order to start a HD installation, open next a root terminal.
You can do that many different ways.

1. Open a user terminal and type sudo su
2. In the KDE menu, look for the root terminal icon

Then start the hard disk installation with the command kanotix-installer.

A good description of the hard disk installation can be found on the Basic Install? page in the wiki.

I have installed Kanotix as a dual-boot with an XP Pro installation.

I had already partitioned the hard drive with Powerquest PartitionMagic? before launching the Kanotix CD.

The 38,5 GB hard disk have been divided as:

1. Primary Partition -> Windows XP (20 GB, hda1, NTFS)
2. Extented Partition -> Data Partition (10 GB, hda5?, FAT32)
3. Extented Partition -> Kanotix (8 GB, hda6?, EXT3)
4. Extented Partition -> SWAP (500 MB, hda7)

After the successful installation of the ATI drivers with Kano' assistance, I also have installed the drivers for the SynapticsTouchpad.
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