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Cheatcodes: fromhd fromiso

These cheat codes allow you to select from multiple versions of kanotix
ISO files on system.
from bfree's post, here's a how-to use "fromiso" with Kanotix bhx (assuming it stays as is).

First things first fromiso uses linuxrc which is in the miniroot.gz so for this to work you need to have the kernel and miniroot.gz available outside the iso. The grub technique described above will then let you boot up easily.

If you add fromiso to the commandline, Kanotix will search for a KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX.ISO file which (when loop mounted) contains a KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file on the same devices it would search for a KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file (i.e. the cd or a fromhd install). It will use the first one it finds.

So easy option is to:
Make a directory called KNOPPIX in the root of a partition (ntfs resier extX? fat)
Put the Kanotix iso in there and rename it to KNOPPIX.ISO
Add fromiso to your command line

Note that it will use the first one it finds so if you have multiple copies around you will only ever get the first one like this.

Now what if you don't want to just copy it to KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX.ISO, well then you have choices in how to build up the path it will look for:
Makes Kanotix look for path/to/KANO*.iso

Makes Kanotix look for path/to/KNOPPIX.ISO

Makes Kanotix look for KNOPPIX/KANO*.iso

Makes Kanotix only check the specified device. Unless you use this Kanotix will check your drives as it would when looking for the cd.

If you use a * for a wildcard you should make sure it only matches 1 possible file!

thanks bfree
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